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George's story

Photo of George Patsalides

"Now it feels like everything so far has actually been part of the plan."

It’s very reassuring that Clearing is an option, because it assures you that you can still get a place at university, even if you don’t get your first choice. The process was really easy, too; I just gave Essex a ring and was guided through the whole application. It was all so smooth, and that really calmed me down.

For some reason I’d overlooked Essex in my initial round of applications, but when it came to Clearing the strong reputation of Essex Business School drew me in. Overall, though, it was the way that Essex had this warm outward projection that I didn’t get from other universities.

Now it feels like everything so far has actually been part of the plan. I feel right at home. Even though Clearing can feel a bit rushed, as you’re trying to get a place in a very short period of time, it doesn’t feel like I made a hasty decision. It feels like I made the right decision for me.

Essex has so many amazing opportunities. I didn’t really take advantage of them in my first year as I was too focused on work, but I think everyone should remember that university isn’t just about coursework and grades. I would definitely encourage people to join societies, get a job, do some volunteering, meet people and try new things. I’m the treasurer for the Animal Protection Society now, and it feels really good to play an integral role in the things you take part in. Sometimes we go and volunteer at the Colchester Cat Rescue Centre, which is really lovely, because you get to cuddle with the cats!


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