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Stanimira's story


"Treat everyone with kindness and love."


Treat everyone with kindness and love. Because I feel like one of the most important things is how we treat the people around us and it is so important in my opinion to be kind to everyone. One of the challenges for humanity in general is treating kind the people who are not treating us so kindly and I feel like that’s something that I live by and apply in my life every day.

My family and my friends definitely mean the most to me. They are people who are in the back of my mind and in my heart all the time.

I am happiest when I achieve something, this makes me really happy because usually I plan my things: I plan my day; I plan my time and it makes me happy when I’m productive in everything that I do and when I reach the finish line, when I achieve the thing that I am wanting to achieve it makes me really happy.


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