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Results Day Survival Guide

The run up to Results Day can feel very full on and we know it's a mix of emotions - excitement about the next chapter of your life but also nerves about what that next chapter could be! We can't magically remove your anxieties (we wish we could!), but hopefully our tips on how to prepare for Results Day will help. We've broken our Survival Guide into sections leading up to the big day, starting at 2 weeks to go.

Impatient for the next chapter? It's just around the corner...

With two weeks to go…

If Essex is your Firm choice, have you applied for accommodation yet?

We very much hope to welcome you to campus in October, and as a first year with Essex as your firm choice you’re guaranteed University-owned accommodation so long as you apply by the deadline, midnight on Friday 26 August 2022. From the iconic Towers to the slightly more sophisticated Copse, we have no doubt that you’ll settle straight into your new home. So start checking out your options and get applying.

Once we've received your results, we'll make our decision as quickly as possible and hopefully you can get packing!

If you go to one of our Schools Membership Plus schools, chat to a teacher or advisor at your school.

They’ll be able to give you some more information on the extra support available to you. And if you’re a teacher looking for some extra support from us, email us at smplus@essex.ac.uk and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Regardless of who your Firm or Insurance choices are, now’s the time to take five minutes and step back from it all.

The hard work is done (for now), and we know the run up to Results Day can feel stressful, but you’re not alone and your mental health should be taking priority right now. Over the next two weeks take some time out to do the things you enjoy. That might be a walk, watching your favourite film, or splashing out on a fancy bath bomb for a luxurious bath. Take the time to relax.

And if you need some help calming down and finding some headspace, grab yourself a cuppa, turn the sound on and just breathe and enjoy this calming exploration of our Colchester Campus. We promise it’s worth it.

With one day to go…

Tomorrow’s going to be a big one, so use today to prepare.

  • We hate to sound like a broken record but getting some headspace and positive time for yourself today is crucial.
  • Prepare for the best, and the worst. We’ve got everything crossed for you for tomorrow and we’re sure you’ll smash it. But just in case, it might be worth having the numbers ready for the Clearing hotlines for your preferred universities. Anything you can do to prepare today will help relieve the potential stress of tomorrow. Essex is 01206 873666 by the way…
  • Get yourself a decent night’s sleep. University life is going to be full on, so take advantage of the chance for an early night. Tackling Results Day when sleep deprived just isn’t a good idea.

The big day has arrived

Here we are, Results Day. We wish you the very best of luck!

If things go to plan…

You did it! (We knew that you would). If you’re showing as Unconditional Firm on UCAS Hub then you’ve done it! We’ve been able to confirm your offer and your place at Essex is secured. Congratulations! You’ll also find your confirmation letter on your MyEssex portal.

Now call your family, facetime your friends and kick off those celebrations - you are now officially one of us, so welcome to the family! Check out next steps for new students here.

If things don’t go to plan…

We’re so sorry this hasn’t worked out how you hoped. But this absolutely is not the end of the world. Take the time to talk to someone you trust and chat through potential next steps.

Clearing may well be for you, which might feel scary right now, but it shouldn’t. We’ve got loads of guidance on our Clearing pages – our FAQ page is a good place to start.

There’s no massive rush, it’s really important you do what is best for you. So have a read through our Clearing pages and have a proper think about what you’d like to do next.

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