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Go abroad this summer 

Considering taking part in a work, volunteering or study programme over the summer? We're here to help you find a global opportunity.

An international experience will enhance your employability when you enter the job market, as well as giving you a fresh perspective of the world.

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COVID-19 Update

We hope to be able to offer in-person programmes again from summer 2021 of course depending on the circumstances at that time.  

Via our exchange finder you will find opportunities for both remote and in person summer school programmes for summer 2021.  We hope that offering a variety of options will allow you to have an international experience despite potential travel disruptions.

If you're interesting in a volunteering abroad opportunity or international internship then check out the relevant webpages for the most up to date information.

Why a summer abroad ?
  • Amazing opportunity to combine travelling, discovering a new culture and learning something new - making the most of your summer vacation period
  • Usually a more cost-effective way of gaining an international experience compared to a year or term of study abroad 
  • A great alternative to test the international waters if a year abroad isn't quite for you

Overview of summer programmes


Internship providers can help organise an international placement. Their comprehensive services do a preliminary assessment of the things that you're seeking in an internship, and either match you with one of their existing business partners, or go and actively search a placement to match your needs. Essex Abroad has built up relationships with a few preferred providers who offer a full range of support in finding and securing a placement, as well as in-country support for the duration of your stay.

Study and internship programme

We have also partnered with a variety of universities to launch a new study exchange and internship programme run over two semesters. You spend one semester studying a variety of modules and the other working in a local company or within the university.

Volunteering projects 

Volunteering abroad provides an excellent opportunity to learn something new while supporting a good cause abroad. There are lots of volunteering projects you can get involved in including environment, community development, health, conservation and more. So if you want to help out and support a worthwhile project while immersing yourself in a new country and culture, volunteering abroad may be for you.

Summer schools

Summer schools are a great alternative (or addition!) to a term or full year studying abroad. You'll get to know lots of new people and places, and learn about different cultures. And it'll help you develop a global outlook and improve your CV.


Research opportunities

There are numerous research opportunities to enhance your research skills and knowledge. These are more suitable for PhD or graduate students but there may be some research opportunities if you're an undergraduate student. Some of them might include summer research schools, research internships or participating in a research project abroad.


The Big Essex Award

The Big Essex Award is the University's employability award and is how we accredit extra-curricular activities here at Essex. It recognises all your extra-curricular activities on your HEAR.

The Big Essex Award can also help you identify and effectively sell the skills graduate employers are really looking for.

You can get up to 50 Units for your international experience abroad whether it's an internship, summer school or volunteering programme.

What our students say...

“I volunteered at Wildlife Sense in Kefalonia, Greece to support their work on projecting the sea turtles.  I’ve described this experience as the best thing I have ever done to my friends and family.  The work is so rewarding - I personally found lots of nests and saw over 50 different turtles in the harbor.  I also met amazing people that I would not have had the chance to meet.  You do need to be organised to take part but past students such as myself, Essex Abroad and Wildlife Sense can help with this if needed.  I recommend Wildlife Sense 100% and might even go back myself!”
Lucy Castaillet volunteering - wildlife sense - greece - 2019
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We run lots of different sessions throughout the year to provide you with essential information about going abroad. From first year and second year briefings to funding chats and country low-downs, we've got it covered.