How to submit your thesis

Congratulations; you’re ready to submit your thesis for examination! There is no longer a requirement for students to submit hard copies of their thesis; instead we only require an electronic copy.

You will need to submit your electronic thesis copy in one PDF file, formatted correctly by email to along with your RD1 submission form as a separate document (you’ll have been emailed your personalised RD1 form after you submitted your ‘Intention to submit’ form). This must be sent from your University of Essex email address in order for us to verify your identity. If you thesis file is too large to send via email attachment, you should upload it to your personal folder then create a shareable link by clicking ‘share’ and then ‘enable shared link’. Include the URL in your submission email.

You can convert your thesis to PDF in Microsoft Word. Simply click * ‘save as’ then select PDF from the ‘save as type’ dropdown

If you have any outstanding registration fees or debts, they must be paid before the thesis can be accepted for submission.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email

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