Software Hub

Free software to support your work or study 

The Software Hub gives you instant access to hundreds of applications wherever you are, and on almost any device or operating system.

Using the Software Hub

  1. Sign in to the Software Hub with your Essex username and password. 
  2. Once you've signed in, you'll need to download the AppsAnywhere Launcher to get started, if you're on Windows or MacOS. If it's your first time using the Software Hub, see our start up guide for new users (.pdf).

Search for an application

To search for an application, use the search box in the top-right corner or press the "S" key on your keyboard to automatically take you to the search box.

Launch an application

There are two ways to launch most applications, Launch (HTML) and Launch:

  Launch (HTML) Launch
Available on: All operating systems Windows only
How it works: Launches the application in your web browser Installs the application on your computer.
Can I access my Home Directory (M: Drive) this way? Yes. Using Launch (HTML) gives you access to your Home Directory (M: Drive) so you can save and open files. No

Request a newer version of an application

To request a newer version of an existing application, sign in to the Software Hub → search for the application → choose More Info → choose request a newer version.

Compatible operating systems

Operating system Compatible?
Windows ✔ Yes
macOS ✔ Yes
iOS ✔ Yes
Android ✔ Yes
Chromebook ✔ Yes
Linux ✔ Yes


Error message: "Validation failed"

If you get this error message, it is most likely that you have not installed the AppsAnywhere Launcher and you skipped the steps to install it. To fix this:

  1. Sign out of the Software Hub and then sign back in.
  2. The download button for the AppsAnywhere Launcher will appear in the bottom-right of your screen.
  3. Download and install the AppsAnywhere Launcher and then try validating again.

Software requests

To request software that isn't currently available on the Software Hub, please submit a software request form (sign-in required).

Please note that some applications may not be available in the Software Hub due to licensing or technical reasons.

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