Police registration

If you are studying for more than six months and are a national of a country that is required to register with the police, you must do so and keep your registration up to date if anything changes. Visit the government website to find out more about police registration, including who needs to register.

If you are required to register, you must do so within seven days of your arrival in the UK or within seven days of receiving your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), if you are collecting it after you arrive in the UK. Sometimes the police will not be able to register you within this time limit due to the numbers of registrations they have to complete during peak periods, provided you have made an appointment online to register and keep it, there should not be a problem.

Read the information in our international pages to find out all about registering with the police, including:

  • How to register with Essex Police
  • Amending your certificate if anything changes
  • What to do if there is an error with your police registration condition
  • Failing to register with the police
  • Police stations local to our campuses