Health and safety department contacts (HSLO / DHSO / DSE facilitators)


The Health and Safety PolicyThe Health and Safety PolicyThe Health and Safety Policy requires Heads of Department to appoint a Departmental Health and Safety Officer (DHSO) or Health and Safety Liaison Officer (HSLO) to advise and/or support them on health and safety related matters. They provide advice for staff on departmental health and safety procedures and can direct to specialist technical advice. DHSOs would generally be required in larger departments or those with higher or more complex risks.

Most departments and sections have a HSLO or DHSO. Some also have HSLOs for centres, units or teams within a department. If your department does not have a HSLO or DHSO, contact your Head of Department directly.

All HSLOs and DHSOs are added to the Health and Safety bulletin mailing list. If you wish to receive this to your email, please add yourself to the subscription list.

DSE facilitators

DSE facilitators are staff appointed by your department/section to help ensure that any actions arising from your DSE self-assessment form (.docx) are taken. If your department doesn't have a DSE facilitator please contact your Health and Safety Liaison Officer.


Each department and section has an allocated lead health and safety adviser from the Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing (WHSW) team to assist them.

Who to contact in your department

Below you will find the details of HSLOs/ DHSOs, DSE Facilitators and the lead Health and Safety Adviser for your department.

Arts and Humanities

WHSW lead adviser

 Department HSLO / DHSO  DSE Facilitator 
Faculty team  Julie Storey 
Julie Storey 
East 15 Acting School 

Loughton - Mark Spicer
Southend - Steve Owens

Loughton - Laura Collins
Southend - Teresa Zoers-Taylor

Edge Hotel School  Andy Boer TBC
Essex Pathways Jayne Summers 
Kate Smith
Jayne Summers 
History Emma McClelland
Emma McClelland
Law Jamie Tuxford
Lorraine Pearce
Literature, Film and Theatre Studies TBC TBC
Philosophy and Art History Rachel Weightman
Abby Connell
Rachel Weightman

Science and Health

WHSW lead adviser

Social Sciences

WHSW lead adviser

Department  HSLO / DHSO  DSE Facilitator 
Faculty team  Nikki Jackson 
Economics  Angharad Pearce TBC
Essex Business School Louise Cattrall 
Southend - Emma Aldridge

Louise Cattrall
Hayley Bennett

Government Kimberley Stockley
Institute for Social and Economic Research  Kim Bones 
Kim Bones 
Language and Linguistics  Tina Robertson
Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies Debbie Stewart
Alison Evans
Katrina Radford
Sociology  Sheila Marrinan 
Sheila Marrinan 
UK Data Archive  Kim Berry

Kim Berry
Susan Powling

Professional Services

Academic Section

Department HSLO / DHSO  DSE Facilitator 
All areas to contact: Academic Section Operations Group Academic Section Operations Group

Communications and External Relations

Department  HSLO / DHSO DSE Facilitator 
 All areas to contact:  Central Team Central Team

Digital Innovation Technology Solutions

Campus HSLO/DHSO DSE Facilitator
Colchester TBC Mike McCarron
Southend TBC Matt Softly

Estate Management

Department HSLO / DHSO DSE Facilitator 
Estate Management Tamsin Newman
Richard Green
Tamsin Newman
Southend - Jamie Burns
Security and Campus Safety Adam Gorden  
Southend Business Hub TBA Jamie Burns

Finance, Planning and Data Insight

Campus HSLO/DHSO  DSE Facilitator 

Carol-Ann West
Nigel Appleton

Carol-Ann West
Nigel Appleton

Southend TBA TBA

People and Culture

Department HSLO / DHSO  DSE Facilitator
Human Resources Martin Press TBC
Workplace Health Safety and Wellbeing

Abigail Fletcher
Stuart Henty

Abigail Fletcher

Library and Cultural Services

HSLO/DHSO DSE Facilitator 
 Jacqui Randle

Elizabeth Bischoff
Kirstie Clarke
Philippa Cherry
Terry Felgate
Jacqui Randle
Susannah Wrycraft

Research and Enterprise Office

HSLO/DHSO DSE Facilitator 

Jacqui Taylor-Roberts
Sharon Stevens

Jacqui Taylor-Roberts
Sharon Stevens

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Campus HSLO/DHSO DSE Facilitator 


   Tracey Barnes
Southend   Sally Ovenden

UECS and Campus Services

WHSW lead adviser

Department HSLO / DHSO  DSE Facilitator 
Accommodation Essex

Jack Howe

Sarah Crowther 
Ben Lawson- Southend
Essex Food
Darren Tyers 
Event Essex Louise Ratnage TBC
Soft FM Jayne Herring Jayne Herring
Matthew Moss
Essex Sport
James Homewood
James Homewood
Wivenhoe House Hotel
Darren Baker
Wivenhoe Park Day Nursery

Dawn Saunders

Dawn Saunders

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