Chaplains and faith representatives

Our ‘resident’ Chaplains are:

  • Fr Mark Swires – Catholic Chaplains (Colchester)
  • Revd Dr Sara Batts-Neale – Anglican Chaplain (Colchester)

We have a number of Chaplains and faith representatives who offer their time to the Chaplaincy:

Anglican Chaplain

Revd Dr Sara Batts-Neale

Revd Dr Sara Batts-NealeIt is my privilege to be a source of support and listening to the Colchester campus community as we work together. You don't have to believe in God to chat with a chaplain - I provide confidential, non-judgemental and inclusive support.

Please do contact me if you have questions on faith, hope, fear, belonging, loss, love, joy or pain – or we could just drink tea and wonder together about the beauty and strangeness of life.

Sara is also associate priest in the parishes of Wivenhoe, Greenstead and Colchester New Town, and the Hythe.

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Buddhist Faith Representative


AmalaketuI am chairman of the Colchester Buddhist Centre and your local Buddhist Faith Representative.

Please feel free to contact me on any Buddhist matters. I am based at the Colchester Buddhist Centre in Colchester city centre. Visitors are always welcome.

We run beginners classes every Wednesday evening at 7.00pm – 9.30pm, meditation is on Friday 1pm – 2pm and we will be starting a new Saturday morning class at 11am – 1pm. All classes are by donation.

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Catholic Chaplain

Father Mark Swires 

The Catholic Chaplaincy is here to provide spiritual and pastoral care to Catholic staff and students. This includes Mass in The Faith Centre Space 1 each Sunday at 12pm. We have Mass on some weekdays and the sacrament of Confession is available.

We organise trips and social events (often in association with the Catholic Society). We are very happy to help people who would like to learn more about the Catholic faith or to explore the meaning of life. All our events are open to everyone.

Father Mark is also Parish Priest of Brightlingsea-with-Wivenhoe parish.

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Chinese Christian Fellowship

Reverend Helen Wong and Pastor Stanley Wong

Reverend Helen and Pastor Stanley WongWe are a missionary couple working under COCM (Chinese Overseas Christian Mission) and are based in Colchester serving as pastors of the Colchester Chinese Christian Church. We are also here in this University as Faith advisors/Chaplains supporting the Chinese Christian Fellowship as well as all the Chinese students who need our help and advice especially on faith-related matters.

We came to the UK from Hong Kong with our two daughters in 2014 to serve as pastors of a Chinese church in Cambridge. We served there for 6.5 years and then decided to start a new chapter by joining COCM and moved to Colchester. During our years in Cambridge, we also served as associate chaplains of the Anglia Ruskin University, mainly supporting Chinese students.

If you are a Chinese student or someone who would love to talk to a Chinese pastor (in Mandarin, Cantonese or English), you are very welcome to contact us by emailing or, or via telephone - 07858 029381 (Stanley) and 07907 366592 (Helen). 

For more information about us and our ministries, please check the following websites -

May God bless you and your study!

Servants of God,

Reverend Helen Wong and Pastor Stanley Wong

Friends International

We exist to help international students befriend one another and get to know some British residents well. We offer some events which are purely social and some which allow students of all faiths or none to investigate and discuss Christian teaching. All our events are clearly advertised so that students can choose what they would like to attend.

Friends International is really happy to meet students from any country and any or no faith background. We also provide one social activity particularly for students' female family members where they can socialise together and practise their English.

Tracy Moreton

Greek Orthodox Chaplain

Father Alexander Haig and Father Deacon Mark Shillaker care for the Orthodox staff and students of the University.

Father Alexander Haig

Father Alexander Haig

Telephone 07947 047201


Father Deacon Mark Shillaker

Greek Orthodox Chaplain Mark Shillaker

Telephone 07917 161295


St Martin’s Church, West Stockwell Street, off High Street, Colchester CO1 1HN (most services)

St Helen’s Chapel, Maidenburgh Street, off High Street, Colchester CO1 1UB (occasional services)

Jewish Chaplain

Rabbi Elazar

Rabbi Elazar is part of the University Jewish Chaplaincy which ensures that Jewish students have access to a chaplain.



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Methodist Chaplain

The Methodist Chaplains contribute to the life of the University, supporting the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy and assisting in its work and provision for all students.

The Methodist Church cherishes its place in the Body of Christ. It is one of the largest Christian churches serving over 800,000 people in Great Britain. There are some 5,000 churches in Great Britain and Methodist churches throughout the world contribute to a worldwide membership of 80 million.

Students are welcome to contact the Methodist Chaplains by email. Alan is the Superintendent Minister of the Colchester Methodist Circuit, John is a recently retired minister who will be available from time to time on campus this year and Phil is a Local (lay) Preacher who acts as liaison for Friends International.

There are 10 Methodist Churches in the Colchester area and 18 on the Tendring peninsular. The Colchester city centre church is known as Castle Methodist Church, just off the high street, opposite the toy shop (known as ‘The Entertainer’). Alan is the minister here and also at Wivenhoe Church and Wimpole Road church, not far from the Hythe. John attends Great Bentley Church (on the way to Clacton) and Phil is a member at Wivenhoe Church - which is the nearest church to the campus and provides a helpful venue for several student activities.


  • Wednesdays, 5pm-7pm, The Faith Centre Space 1.

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Rev Alan Jenkins is the Circuit Superintendent and can be contacted via:


Quaker Chaplain

Ecky Prolingheuer

Quakerism is a way of life rooted in a transforming experience of the Divine. From this we seek to live out our principles of truth, peace, simplicity and equality, recognising that of God in everyone. Our meetings offer a place of welcome, encounter and spiritual exploration.

You do not have to be a member to come. Quakers are not led by any priest or minister. There is no ceremony, but a silent time of united seeking for spiritual truth and light. Each person will have a unique path to follow. Anyone may feel moved to share their insights briefly with the meeting.

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