Reassessment over the Summer

If you have been offered reassessment over the Summer as your only outcome or choose this as your decision, you will automatically be entered for all compulsory reassessment. For voluntary reassessment, you will need to select ‘Resit’ for all those you wish to undertake.

If you have been offered over 60 credits of reassessment you will need to select up to a maximum of 60 credits of reassessment over the summer by selecting ‘Resit’ next to the modules you wish to undertake reassessment in. Please ensure you read the additional information around undertaking Summer reassessment in a combination of trailed and current year modules included in your outcome email before selecting your options.

If you are currently in your final year and decide to undertake further reassessment over the summer, you will not be able to graduate in July 2022 if you have not met the honours degree eligibility criteria.

Before selecting this outcome, we urge all students to read the important information below.

Difference between compulsory and voluntary reassessment

It is essential for your continued progression on your course that you undertake all compulsory reassessment that you have been offered. If you have been offered compulsory choice reassessment, it is important that you undertake the minimum number of credits of reassessment offered.

If you have been offered voluntary reassessment, but you’ve decided not to take it, you will retain your current marks. Please note, you are not able to request this reassessment at a later date.

If you choose to undertake any of the voluntary reassessment you have been offered, but then you change your mind, you need to email aas soon as possible so that we can amend your record accordingly.

If you do not undertake the voluntary reassessment you have chosen to undertake and do not let us know, the Board of Examiners can reinstate your previous module mark, however this will show as an attempt at assessment on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report).

Reassessment fees

Reassessment in a module costs £50, this cost applies regardless of how much reassessment you will be undertaking in that module. Any reassessment offered as a ‘First Sit’ is free of charge, unless otherwise specified.

Exam reassessment

If you need to undertake reassessment in any exams this will be noted on your results page alongside when this examination will take place.

If you are undertaking reassessment without attendance in an exam in 2022-23 this will take place in the main Summer exam period unless you are trailing your reassessment alongside progressing to your next year of study. Students trailing reassessment into their next Academic Year will undertake any exam reassessment in the January exam period.

Information on when exam timetables will be released and the dates of the exam periods will be updated on the exam dates and timetables page shortly.

Coursework reassessment

  • If you need to submit new coursework, your department will be in touch with you with further details about what you will need to do and to confirm your deadline.
  • If you are resubmitting coursework over the Summer, you will be sent this by Wednesday 27 July and will need to submit this by Wednesday 24 August, unless otherwise stated by your department. If you do not receive your coursework by Wednesday 27 July, please contact your department.
  • If you are resubmitting coursework reassessment without attendance in the 2022/23 academic year, your coursework will be undertaken across the year alongside the modules standard assessment.
  • Students trailing or reassessing in previously trailed coursework reassessment in the 2022-23 academic year will undertake all coursework reassessment in the Autumn Term with this due for submission by January 2023.
  • Your department will confirm the deadline date and time for your resubmissions.
  • If you’re unable to submit coursework on time, University rules about the late submission of coursework will apply.
  • Please note, the details of your new coursework reassessment will be sent to you by your department. It’s important that you do not create your own coursework titles or reuse previous coursework titles, as these won’t be accepted by your department.

Final year projects

If you’re a Final Year student who needs to resubmit final year coursework, please contact your department as soon as possible to find out exactly what areas of the project you need to work on for your resubmission.

Maximum attempts

The Rules of Assessment state that you will not be granted more than three attempts at a module unless you have accepted extenuating circumstances.

If you fail a module for a third time, and cannot be offered a further attempt, you may have to carry the fail or could be withdrawn from the University.

Information for final year students

If you’re a Final Year student and have been offered further reassessment over the Summer, the Board of Examiners will assess your results at the September boards once you’ve completed your reassessment to decide whether or not you’ve passed. If you have passed, and you’re eligible for a degree, you will receive your degree in September.

If you chose to take an alternative award in 2019-20, eg. an Ordinary Degree or a Diploma of Higher Education, and also undertook further reassessment and passed, you will graduate with the higher of the two awards.

As a consequence of public health actions to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we had to take the very painful decision to postpone our Summer 2020 and 2021 Graduation ceremonies. We are very pleased to confirm that, if restrictions are lifted as expected, we plan to run ceremonies for those who would have been eligible to attend July 2021 Graduation between 28 March and 1 April 2022.

We will contact all eligible graduates with more information nearer the time about when their ceremony will be and how to book. Please ensure your external email address is up to date in your MyEssex so we can stay in touch. All updates will also be published on our website. Please contact should you have any queries in the meantime.

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