Proceeding to the next year trailing 30 credits

If you have been given the option to trail failed credits, this means you can progress to your next year of studies and simultaneously undertake reassessment in your failed current year modules, known as trailing reassessment. This trailed reassessment will be undertaken by January 2023.

You can only be considered for trailing up to 30 non-core credits of reassessment. If you have previously carried any failed credits, these will be deducted from the amount of credits of reassessment you are eligible to trail, eg. if you are in your Second Year and previously carried 15 failed credits in your First Year, you can only trail the reassessment in a maximum of 15 non-core credits. Furthermore, trailing is only permitted where you have failed a module, you cannot trail reassessment in modules you have passed.

It’s important that you understand the implications of progressing to the next year of your course trailing reassessment in failed modules. Trailing reassessment means you will need to attend and undertake the assessments for all of your next year of study, as well as undertaking reassessment in your failed modules you have trailed from the previous year. It might be a better route for you to choose another reassessment option, such as repeating the year.

All trailed reassessment will be considered at the Summer meeting of the Board of Examiners, and any further reassessment offered will take place in the Summer reassessment period.

If you are proceeding to your Final Year in October 2022, this means that, if you don’t pass your trailed reassessments and have to undertake further reassessment to achieve your full award, you may not be able to graduate in July 2023.

Any decisions involving trailing failed modules should not be taken lightly and you are strongly advised to discuss this with your Department or SU Advice before making your decision.

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