Inviting an external speaker on to campus

External speakers play an important role in University life, giving members of our community access to a range of different views and beliefs. The University has a duty to, and is committed to, promoting academic freedom, freedom of speech, and equality and diversity, and must ensure that external speakers invited to a University event* actively promote these values and remain within the law. Please familiarise yourself with our Policy on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech (.pdf) and our Equality and Diversity Framework and provide both to the speaker you are inviting.

It’s important that you notify the University if you are planning to invite an external speaker to a University event. In order to allow sufficient time for your form to be reviewed, you must submit this form no less than 15 working days prior to your event and await the outcome of the review before finalising arrangements with your external speaker.

Further information can be found in the External Speaker Code of Practice (.pdf).

An ‘event’ is any meeting or activity which is organised by a staff or student member of University or its Students’ Union which does not form part of a programme of study leading to an award at the University. The responsibility and oversight of the event starts with the initial planning, includes all marketing, promotion, ticket sales and related communications and continues throughout the event and any post-event related incidents.

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