Skills@Essex is a bank of study skills resources on Moodle, designed to enhance your academic and personal development throughout your studies. All students have access to enrol on to Skills@Essex.

This resource is designed to support your development during your time at the University. We offer a range of resources to supplement your studies, including:

Embedded teaching

Skills for Success works closely with your department to embed academic skills support within degree programmes. This means that we are a direct part of your studies where it is most useful to you. For more details of how this is relevant to you, please contact

We value your thoughts

We are constantly enhancing and evolving this useful resource. We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our Moodle pages further. We welcome your ideas on not only which additional content you would like to see, but also how we can enhance its delivery to improve the learning experience.

Do get in touch with us:

  • to provide feedback on topics / content suggestions for Skills@Essex
  • to feedback on any of the content on Skills@Essex
  • if you have any questions or technical issues
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