Making changes to departmental websites and course finder

The process for making changes to the departmental website and Course Finder (where all our course entries are listed) is different.

Making changes to your departmental website

To make changes to your departmental website (including updates to research centres and institutes, and cluster and group pages) or to discuss the creation of a webpage for your latest research project, please get in touch with your Faculty Web and Promotions Assistant in the first instance:

Making changes to a course entry on Course Finder

Departments can make changes to course entries at any point in the year. To do so, get in touch with your faculty marketing contact:

For new courses, promotion begins once it has Development approval. As soon as it has this approval, Marketing will get in touch to start liaising with the course leader to write up a Course Finder entry.

Some sections of Course Finder have to be updated by other teams in the University (for example, entry requirements can only be changed by Admissions). However, you should speak with your Marketing contact directly, as they will be able to liaise with the relevant team to get anything updated.

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