Teaching timetable

The University has an online system that allows students and academics to view their timetables from a computer or mobile device.

University timetable calendar

The timetable runs from Welcome Week in week 1 (beginning of October) to week 52/53 (end of September).

The academic timetable calendar shows the timetable week numbers and corresponding dates. It also gives an overview of the dates for the autumn, spring and summer terms, vacation periods, bank holidays in England and welcome week.



Department timetables

Teaching events in the timetable can be displayed and filtered by department and by module without the need for additional software. There is also functionality to view an individual lecturer’s timetable for staff with appropriate permissions.

Timetable publication

When the final timetable has been published, only essential changes will be made to teaching events, either due to unforeseen circumstances or where the changes support the University’s commitment to placing student benefit at the heart of the University’s work. Department requests to make timetable changes will be made by the Departmental Timetable Officer.

Valid reasons for changes include:

  • unexpected staff turnover
  • a module or teaching event is no longer deemed viable to run
  • module size exceeds the capacity of the room allocated
  • additional classes to take into account growth in student enrolments on the module
  • additional teaching events offered to support student learning outcomes
  • reasonable adjustments to accommodate students/staff with individual needs
  • a location that is/becomes a health or safety hazard
  • staff sickness

Staff guide to online timetables

The online timetables guidance notes (.pdf) include the viewing timetables, helping students report clashes and how to process class change requests.

Timetable problems

Academic staff should report teaching clashes through their online timetable.

Timetabling policy

The Timetabling and Room Booking Team aims to produce an equitable and workable timetable, designed to meet defined constraints, including optionality within courses, staff availability and the availability of appropriate teaching rooms and facilities.