About your staff profile

The Publication of Staff and PGR Student Profiles on the University Website Policy sets out our approach to the publication of profiles on the website.

Why we publish staff and student profiles

The University is an academic institution, with a mission of delivering excellence in education and research, for the benefit of individuals and communities. We believe that publishing profiles of its staff and PGR students makes a direct contribution to the achievement of its mission:

  • As an outward- facing organisation with many external stakeholders, building and developing relationships across many sectors.
  • As an educational institution, with students who become members of the University and who need to be able to interact with the University in a way that enables them to secure the maximum benefit from their period of study at the University. 

Both students and staff need to be able to identify individuals working within the University in various fields in order to fulfil the requirements of their studies or jobs, respectively.

Having a published profile allows you to demonstrate your expertise or research interests and build-up networks with others who share those interests.

Who has a profile

The University has carried out a Legitimate Interests Assessment and considers that there are compelling legitimate interests for publishing profiles of the following staff and students:

  • all academic staff
  • senior professional services staff in grades 7-11
  • professional services staff who have roles that are outward-, staff- or student-facing as defined in their job descriptions
  • postgraduate research students

Individuals are responsible for ensuring that their published profiles are accurate and up to date. 

Your data and privacy rights

The University respects the rights of individuals with regard to their privacy and does not publish profiles except where there is a compelling legitimate interest or where the individual has asked for their profile to be published. For full information around your information and your rights please see the Privacy Notice

Questions around the privacy notice should be directed to the Information Assurance Manager by emailing dpo@essex.ac.uk 

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