Funding sources

Here you'll find details of funding for research as well as information on the main funders and databases you can search to find further opportunities. Research Development Managers can help you get started, talk through your ideas and signpost you to the most appropriate schemes for your discipline and research interests.

Finding research funding

Current research funding opportunities

Departmental specific links to browse and find details of current research funding opportunities

Research funding databases

Useful resources to help you find research funding.

Main funders

Government research funding

Details of government research funding in the UK and internationally.

Research Council funding

Details of UK and international Research Councils.

Trusts and foundations research funding

Find trust and foundation research funding in the UK and internationally.

European funding

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the successor program of Horizon 2020. As part of the UK Government’s recent announcement confirming the EU/UK ‘trade and cooperation agreement’, the UK will associate to the EU’s €95.5B seven year Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, which is expected to officially launch in February 2021. Read about the fine details.

Turing Scheme

The UK will no longer particapte in the EU’s Erasmus+ university exchange programme. A £100 million replacement programme, called the Turing Scheme, will start in September 2021.

Internal funding

Engagement and Impact Funding

Details of the internally managed calls for funding to support engagement and impact activities.

Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange Funding

Details of internal funding to support academic staff engaging in commercial development and the application of our research and expertise outside the university