Shortlisting candidates

For all Professional Services vacancies, applicants are required to complete an application form which includes why they are interested in the post and demonstrating how they meet the essential and desirable criteria.

For academic vacancies, applicants are asked to provide a specific set of documentation depending on whether they have applied for an ASER/ASE/ASR role. The documents they are asked to provide will be set out in the job pack for the post.

Who carries out shortlisting 

Shortlisting should be carried out by a minimum of two people, one of whom should be the line manager for the post and those involved in shortlisting should also be on the selection/interview panel.

For academic posts, it is recommended that the Head of Department, Director of Research and Director of Education are included in the shortlisting panel, together with at least member of the interview panel.

Shortlisting should be undertaken using the information contained in the applications and the panel should select candidates who best meet the essential and desirable criteria, as set out in the person specification.


A shortlisting grid, together with an interview plan (.docx) or academic interview plan (.docx) will be sent to the hiring manager from the Resourcing Team once a post has closed. The completed shortlisting grid and interview plan should be uploaded into the e-Recruitment system (iTrent) once shortlisting has been completed.

For academic vacancies, the shortlist must be approved by the Faculty Executive Dean, and may also be referred to the PVC-Education and PVC-Research in exceptional circumstances. It is the Head of Department (or their nominees) responsibility to ensure that the appropriate approvals are in place before the shortlist is confirmed with the Resourcing Team.

The Resourcing Team will use the information in the grid to contact all candidates to confirm the status of their application and send out the invitations to interview based on the information provided in the interview plan.


The following policies and procedures should be taken into consideration when shortlisting:

Further support

For further advice, contact the Resourcing Adviser.

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