Recruiting staff

Recruitment procedure overview

Details on how the recruitment process works here at Essex.

Recruitment timelines

Information regarding the recruitment process timelines.

Visas, immigration and compliance

Information for staff, departments and People and Culture on visa processes.

Employee apprenticeships

Find out more about apprenticeships for staff at Essex.

Vacancy arises

Conflict of interest and personal relationships

The aim of these guidelines is to protect individuals against accusations of bias, preferential or unfair treatment where such a relationship exists has existed or may develop.

Fixed-term contracts

Find information about fixed-term contracts and the reasons behind choosing that type of contract.

New staff vacancy checklist

Find out about the things you should consider before advertising a vacancy.

Recruitment business case

A business case is needed to justify why replacement/additional resources are necessary in order to either maintain or improve service delivery for the University as a whole.

Recruitment guidance, resources and forms

Guides and resources to assist with the recruitment process.

Redeployment of employees

We value our staff and recognise the institutional benefits of seeking to ensure continued employment within the organisation.

Reviewing your recruitment needs

Find out what you need to do before you can recruit a new member of staff.

Requesting permission to recruit

Permission to recruit needs to be obtained by the recruiting manager prior to raising a new job.

Preparing to recruit

Academic recruitment templates

Academic recruitment templates for ASER, ASE and ASR posts.

Creating the job description and person specification

Recruiting managers need to complete a job pack for all new posts.

Interview selection panels

Guidance on the interview selection panel for different roles.

Recruitment advertising

Find out what you need to do to get your job vacancy advertised.

Assessing candidates

Disability Confident Scheme 

We’re committed to hiring more people who are disabled to help us transform our culture, customer relations and performance.

Interview and assessment guidance for managers

Guidance for managers when interviewing applicants.

Interview process

Everything you need to know about the interview invitations, scheduling and logistics.

Recruitment of ex-offenders and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

We actively promote equality of opportunity and welcome applications from a wide range of candidates, including those with criminal records.

Right to work checks

Information about what kind of right to work documentation is required for interviewing.

Shortlisting candidates

Find information about how to shortlist candidates for different departments.

Offer of employment

Applicant feedback

Information about giving applicant feedback including advice on the disability confident scheme.

Offer of employment

Information about the offer of employment and right to work.

Preparing an induction for a new member of the team

To ensure a positive induction experience the process is prepared and managed by the reporting manager of the new employee.

Requesting references

Information about requesting references from applicants and who looks after this.

Starting salary guidance

This guidance sets out a range of steps and requirements which must be followed in order to ensure that equity and consistency are achieved.