Salary scales

Single pay scales

Our University, like most other UK universities, is signed up to a national framework that negotiates and agrees our single pay spine. The current pay scale has 11 grades and 53 spinal points. Each position is associated with a grade and subsequent pay points on the pay scale.

There are separate scales for:

Salary increases

In August each year, all University of Essex employees usually receive a cost of living pay award negotiated at national level with the recognised trade unions within the nationally agreed framework.

Salary increments

Within each grade there are associated scale points. The increment process will move an employee up the associated scale points until the top of the scale is reached.  If the position is based upon a fixed salary point, then no increments will be given.

Increments are awarded in August for Grades 1 to 6 and October for Grades 7 to 11 each year subject to satisfactory service. The first award of an increment is only given after 6 months continuous employment.  

Example:  If you started in a Grade 5 role on 1 May 2017 then on 1 August 2017 you would not have had 6 months continuous service, therefore the increment would be applied in August 2018.

Discretionary increments

At the top of each scale there are grey shaded scale points, these are discretionary points. These are only awarded to individuals that are already at the top of the scale. Discretionary points are awarded to individuals who have reached the top of scale and have shown sustained and continuing excellence over an extended period of time. Application for a discretionary award is considered by a separate annual review process.

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