Managing people

Using People Manager

Guides and information on how to use the People Manager tool

Introducing Onbase

Information and guidance on the electronic document management system - Onbase.

Assistant Lecturers and GLAs

Employment and training guidance for Assistant Lecturers

Employment and training guidance for Assistant Lecturers, GLAs and PGR students who don't teach (but may want to in future).

Contracts and pay

Payroll information for managers

Information for managers about payroll for new starters and staff

Contract guidance for managers

Information for managers on the different types of employment contracts

Contractual change process for managers

Guidance for managers on the process for changing contracts.

Leaving the University - information for managers

Information for managers for when a member of the team leaves the University.

Flexible working

Establishing effective flexible working

How to support a team that is working in a flexible way, such as at different times or from different locations.

Considering a flexible working request

What you may need to consider when assessing a flexible working request.

Working from home guidance for managers

Guidance for managers with team members who are working from home.

Health and safety

Managing health and safety - Plan, Do, Check, Act

Find out what our arrangements are for managing health and safety.

Senior manager health and safety responsibilities

All senior managers are responsible for showing leadership on health and safety.

Manager and supervisor health and safety responsibilities

As a manager or supervisor, there are number of health and safety responsibilities you need to meet.

Principal investigators/researchers health and safety responsibilities

As a principal investigator you are responsible for the health and safety management of your research project and for the health and safety of staff you line manage.

Health and safety induction

These tools and information will help to ensure that employees have a suitable health and safety induction.

Health and safety consultation

The law requires that the University consults with staff and their safety representatives before implementing changes that may substantially affect their health and safety.

Health and safety consultation process

This procedure sets out how consultation will take place on new health and safety policies and standards that apply across the University.

Health and Safety Group and Sub-Committees

The Health and Safety Group and specialist sub-committees consult on health and safety matters that affect the University as a whole.

Health and safety inspection

Routine inspections check that health and safety standards are being followed and meeting legal requirements.

Health and safety performance monitoring

Reporting on health and safety performance is necessary so that the University is aware of any risks and potential shortcomings.

Health and safety auditing

The University is required to have arrangements in place for monitoring health and safety, this includes routine inspections and periodical auditing.

Occupational health

Stress management guidance for line managers

Line managers are responsible for the health and safety of their team and this includes ensuring that they are not affected by work-related stressors.

Occupational health referrals

For managers wishing to consult Occupational Health regarding a concern about a member of staff.

Resolving problems

Conducting investigations

Investigations may need to be undertaken where there are allegations of misconduct or of bullying or harassment.

Disciplinary procedure

The aim of the disciplinary procedure is to help and encourage people to achieve and maintain these standards.

Staff development

Capability procedure

The aim of the capability procedure is to help people improve and maintain their performance and job satisfaction.

Appraisals / PDR

Find information and guidance for managers on how to run staff appraisals

Probation information for managers

Guidance for managers on the types of probation period that apply in different circumstances, key supporting documentation and links to useful resources.

Staff profiles

Line manager and supervisor responsibilities for staff profiles

Line managers and supervisors of PGR students are responsible for reviewing any requests for withdrawal from profile publication.

Death in service

Death in service guidance and checklist

Guidance for staff regarding the steps to take in the unfortunate event of the death of one our employees.