Zoom Rooms are specially equipped with video conferencing equipment to enable online meetings and teaching to take place.

Types of Zoom Room and how to use them

Standard Zoom Room

Using Zoom in these rooms is very similar to how you will have been using Zoom for meetings. When teaching, you need to log in to Zoom and open your meeting through Outlook. Sharing your screen to students is similar too.

ZoomPlus Room

ZoomPlus Rooms are operated from a touch-screen panel, rather than through the Zoom app on the PC. The Zoom touch-screen panel is located on the lectern, and you need to use this to open your meeting. It will automatically share your screen. If you want to share content from your own device the ZoomPlus Room instructions below have more detail. 

ZoomDave Unit

In some locations where standard Zoom Rooms cannot be set up there will be ZoomDave units (Demountable Audio Visual Equipment). These are portable trolley mounted systems that have an audience facing camera. 

The ZoomDave Units work in a similar way to ZoomPlus Rooms, in that you operate them from the Zoom control panel, however with a ZoomDave Unit the control panel is located on the DAVE unit, rather than on the lectern.

List of Zoom Rooms by campus

You can check your timetable calendar to see which Zoom rooms have been scheduled for you, and check in advance to see which type of Zoom Room you will be teaching in. 

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