Email quarantine

To protect you, our information and data, we use specialist tools to detect and intercept potential malicious email before it reaches your inbox.

Email that is detected as potentially malicious is sent to your email quarantine for you to review, as there may be times when genuine email is mistakenly detected as malicious.

The email quarantine is self-service, giving you control over all of your quarantined email and how often you receive notifications.

Access your email quarantine

If you need help to get started see our email quarantine user guide (pdf).

How we detect malicious and spam email

We use two layers of email security:

  1. Microsoft Office 365 -  standard email security which checks for spam and junk email.
  2. Barracuda - an industry-leading email security service which provides an additional layer of security, which checks for malicious content.

Detection process

  1. External email received.
  2. The email is scanned by Barracuda for malicious content. If detected, the email is sent to your quarantine for you to review.
  3. If no malicious content is found by Barracuda, the email is then scanned by Office 365 for spam and junk content. If detected, the email is sent to your Junk E-mail folder in Outlook.

Emails can be flagged as suspicious for many reasons including the subject, contents, or possible configuration issues at the sender’s end.

Quarantine FAQ

How will I know I have quarantined email?

There are three ways of knowing if you have quarantined email:

  1. Set up a notification schedule using the self-service quarantine. This lets you set rules for how often Barracuda should notify you. By default, you won't receive notifications - we'd recommend setting this to once a day; but you can change this whenever you like.
  2. Check the self-service quarantine at any time.
  3. The sender - the person who sent you the email - may contact you, as they also receive an email notification that their email has been quarantined. 

I released a quarantined email but I can't find it in my inbox?

Released emails can sometimes end up in your Junk-Email folder in Outlook - please check there. If you still can't find the email please contact the IT Helpdesk.

How can I stop emails going into quarantine?

In some circumstances, you may notice that a safe message is repeatedly being sent to the quarantine. If this happens, please contact the IT Helpdesk with the details of the message we will assess the next steps to take. 

Does the University mass-block emails from external senders?

No settings are in place to mass-block emails from external sources. Every email is assessed independently to make an informed judgement about whether or not it is malicious.

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