Your Essex IT account and password

Your password

Don't forget to update your password on all of your devices when you change it.

    Your account

    Your username and email address

    • Your username will look something like re16495. You can't change your username.
    • Your email address is your username with after it, for example
    • You can choose a preferred email address if you want something like

    Your multifactor authentication (MFA) settings

    MFA helps to protect your IT account from unauthorised access.

    Not got your account yet?

    You get an email telling you when to set up your IT account,. This email contains your Personal Record Identifier (PRID) which you'll need to set up your account.

    If you haven't got this email and your start date is soon, contact your line manager.

    Login problems

    If you're having login problems:

    • If you've just changed your password, please wait a few minutes and try again, as it can sometimes take a short while to update.
    • Check IT service status to find out if the service is temporarily unavailable.
    • Your password might have expired - change your password to reactivate your account.
    • Try using a different username format to log in, for example if you tried, try just username.

    Contact the IT Helpdesk if you're still having problems.

    Account closure when you leave

    When you leave the University your IT account will close and you will lose access to University services.

    The closing date for your IT account is emailed to you. Contact if your closing date is wrong.

    It’s important you follow the staff leaver’s process in preparation for your account closure.


    By using your IT account, you are agreeing to the IT Acceptable Use Policy.

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