IT services

Get IT support

Find out how to get help with IT services including how to contact the IT Helpdesk by live chat, phone and online.

Your Essex IT account and password

Need help managing your account details? Find out more about changing your password, MFA or getting support for account-based queries


Commercial applications

Trying to access a commercial application or SharePoint? Find out more about how to request access

Email and calendar

Access your email, view your email quarantine, add a shared mailbox, manage your email groups or report a suspicious email. Read more about our email systems

File storage

Access your storage on OneDrive, Box, the M drive or shared network drives, send files through Zendto or Recover lost files.

High performance computing

We provide a specialist high performance computing service for staff and students. Find out more about how to request access and connect.

IT equipment

Need to borrow IT equipment, move your current device or purchase a new one? Find out more about submitting your request

Multifactor authentication (MFA)

Multifactor authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security when you sign in.

Online survey tools

Create your own online survey using Qualtrics or request a loan Wi-Fi dongle to conduct your survey


Print, copy and scan using our on-campus printers. Find out more about sending your document to the printer and how to collect it


Visit our Software Hub, access Microsoft Office 365, download EndNote. Find out more about free software available to you

Zoom video conferencing

As a member of Essex university, you will be given access to our video conferencing tool, Zoom. Find out more about Setting Zoom up on your devices, customising your profile and getting started with Zoom

Advice and guidance

Getting started with IT for staff

New to Essex? Find out more about getting your account, managing your details and other services available to you as a staff member

Phishing scams - how to spot and report them

Concerned about an email you've received? Find out what Phishing is, how to spot a phishing email and what you can do to protect yourself (and others!)

Working remotely from home or off campus - IT information

Working from a remote location such as from home? Read more about what you'll need

Wifi, networks and telephony

VPN (GlobalProtect)

Secure your connection and access the university network when working remotely. Find out more about how to install and connect to Global Protect VPN

Remote Desktop (RDP)

Access the University's Remote Desktop services using Windows or macOS

Wired network

Connect to our wired network on campus with your university supplied device

Wifi networks

Access wifi on campus using Eduroam or find out more about our Guest wifi networks

Telephone services

Log in to your handset, access your voicemail or update the university phonebook. Read more about how to use the university phone systems

Connect to eduroam wifi

Need to connect to Eduroam? Find out more about connecting on different devices with our Eduroam guides