Exams and assessment

Assessment policies and procedures

Exam procedures for staff PhD candidates

Forms and guidance notes for staff PhD candidates undertaking an examination

Assessment and marking policies

Marking and assessment policies for undergraduate and taught postgraduate work.

Assessment feedback

Provision of feedback to students on their academic work is a key part of the role of any university teacher, and a vital part of the learning process.

Postgraduate exam policies and resources

Exam policies for postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students

Rules of assessment

The University's rules of assessment are the rules, principles and frameworks which the University uses to calculate student progression and final results.

Statement on variations to undergraduate rules of assessment

Details of rules of assessment variations policy and approval process.

Departmental information for exams

Department exam responsibilities

Understand the aspects of the examination process that departments are responsible for

Departmentally-arranged exams and tests

Guidance to assist you in preparing for exams and tests that aren't centrally organised

Exam papers

Exam preparation guidance

Key exam dates, timetables, coursework information, guidance notes and policy information

Code of practice on setting and moderating exam papers

Departments must ensure that they have effective procedures for setting and moderating exam papers.

Late submission of exam papers

Information and guidance notes for submitting exam papers past the deadline

Submission of replacement exam papers

Information on how to submit a replacement exam paper

Invigilation, scribes and readers


All of the information on how to apply to be an invigilator as well as resources for current invigilators.


Guidance about good practice in relation to third-party proofreading of student work.

Sourcing invigilators for in-class or departmental tests

Guidance on finding an invigilator for in-class or departmental tests

Sourcing scribes or readers for in-class or departmental tests

How to find a scribe or reader for in-class or departmental tests

Postgraduate research

Viva voce guidance

Information for examiners, supervisors and Independent Chairs regarding the postgraduate research examination process (viva voce).

PGR award requirements

Details of the requirements for postgraduate research awards.

Appointment criteria for research degree examiners

Eligibility details for external and internal postgraduate research examiners

PGR examiner roles and responsibilities

Details of roles and responsibilities for external and internal postgraduate research examiners.

Pre-viva procedures

Information about pre-viva procedures.

Viva procedures

Framework of expectations and guidance to research degree candidates, examiners, and departmental colleagues on the examination process.

Viva outcome recommendations

Guidance on viva outcome recommendations.

Post-viva procedures

Guidance on post-viva procedures.

Payments and expenses for PGR examiners

Information about payments and expenses for postgraduate research examiners.

PGR degree post obitum consideration and award process

Process for the consideration and award of a PGR degree post obitum.

Results processing

Undergraduate results processing guidance

Training, guidance and briefing documents on undergraduate boards.

Postgraduate taught results processing guidance

Training, guidance and briefing documents on postgraduate taught boards.

Report of reassessment to be undertaken by students

A basic report to enable you to export from RPS with all reassessment data input for the current RPS season.

Modular study results processing guidance

Training, guidance and briefing documents on modular study.