Core messaging

Our four pillars

Our identity is built on four pillars. They’re authentically Essex and our key differentiators. Many of the core ideas and messages in our manifesto are drawn from these four pillars.

Our pillars are a blueprint for developing key messages and copy for our communications, supported and enriched with proof points. They should inform and influence how we develop our offer. For example, if we have ‘a culture of membership’ what does that mean for our student experience, our staff policies, our relationships with alumni?

Our character

Our attitude and how we behave are described in four principles.

These are not key messages for external audiences, but they distill the essence of our approach, and what we say and do.

Our beliefs

Although this is written through the lens of the student experience, many of the underlying themes are relevant to all our audiences (for example collaboration, Essex as a rich experience, contributing to each others’ experiences). These beliefs can be used to develop key messages and copy for our communications.

Our students

This kind of insight informs how we might reach our target audiences and helps us understand and write the kinds of messages that would appeal to them.

Although talking specifically about students, the themes (for example around independent thinking, having new ideas and sharing them) are absolutely relevant to other audiences.

Our boilerplate text

Standard shorthand text that provides a factual description of the University.

Use it exactly as it is wherever a short, factual description is required (eg profiles of the University, press releases).

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