Expressing our identity

Communicating our brand

Core messaging

Who we are and how we describe Essex.

Our tone of voice

How to write like Essex.

Our house writing style

How you can achieve a consistent writing style that our audiences can become familiar with and recognise quickly.

Our logo

Rules for using the Essex logo.

Our brand hierarchy and toolkits

We have a one university approach. This means that we present a single overarching brand.

Our departmental brand narratives

Brand narratives for each academic department explaining what makes each one distinctive and special.

Our visual identity

Our visual identity

Our visual identity is what makes us instantly recognisable.

Visual assets

How we look - find out about our grid structure and typography.

Colour palette

Our colours are what give us our personality.

Graphic elements

Paying homage to our architectural heritage and the geometric structure in our logo, we take a linear, angular approach to any design expression.


PowerPoint template

This template provides you with maximum flexibility so that your presentations communicate effectively with your audience, as well as being accessibility compliant.

Posters and notices templates

Take a look at the templates and guidelines we use to create posters and notices.

Branded templates in Word

Take a look at the Word templates and guidelines we use to create branded reports.

Stationery templates

Take a look at the templates and guidelines we use for stationery.

Emails and email signatures

Our emails and email signatures are clear and simple. Find out how to use them.

Zoom backgrounds

A number of Essex images are available to use as a background for your Zoom meetings.

Digital branding

Our web presence

Our University web presence refers to the entire online digital space of the University.

Social media branding

Social media is a cost-effective and increasingly influential channel for our marketing and communications.

Podcast branding

Find out how we brand Essex podcasts.

Email branding

Find out how we brand our emails

Photography and video

Using photography and the image library

Find out how best to use photography in your communications and how to access the photo library.

Video production

How to request a video, and what to consider, when thinking about getting a video produced for marketing purposes.