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Here at Essex, we know that it's great to get involved in Higher Education whatever your age. In fact, research suggests that getting a feel for universities at a young age can be really inspiring for children.

If you have an idea for a resource to support primary school children or teachers please get in touch. We welcome all ideas and suggestions. 



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  • Essex prospectus 2020 (.pdf) - Take a look at our prospectus with your students to familiarise them with the world of higher education and inspire them with the variety of courses that university can offer. 

Essex Children's University

Celebrating and Rewarding Achievements in Learning

We are proud to be a Validated Learning Destination for Essex Children's University. By taking part in Children's University, we can celebrate and reward achievements in learning. Essex Children's University is one of a growing number of children's universities around the country, each working to provide children aged 7-14 (and 5-6 years olds with their families) with exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside of their normal school day.

Issued with a Passport to Learning, children can travel around Essex, Suffolk and the UK with their Passport to Learning, collecting stamps in recognition for their learning as they go, after all travel is what a Passport is for!

If you are interested in getting involved with Essex Children's University, please email 

CPD resources for teachers and advisers

Turn and face the strange - Children in transition, Chris Nicholson

What are the difficulties children face with transition? Each child is different,  but are their common reasons why transitions are difficult to manage?

Using the example of looked-after children leaving care, I will show that in leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar,  the known for the unknown, conscious and unconscious processes are stirred up and often expressed through behavioural and emotional pressures placed on carers,  teachers and others. These processes,  when left unrecognised,  reopen,  widen and sustain the ‘relational ruptures’ that were established during their earliest years and decrease the likelihood of successful outcomes.

We will explore how developmental and psychoanalytic ideas can be used to understand and suggest alternative ways of addressing care leavers’ transitional needs. My work with care leavers at Donyland Lodge, a therapeutic community and school in Essex, will be described.

Cross-curricular online learning platforms, Nick Acton

Learn how to create and share meaningful online educational experiences for a range of curriculum subjects. Participants will gain the skills to utilise a number of different online applications that can provide their learners with engaging assessment activities and innovative learning opportunities. All of the applications work on all devices, meaning that teachers can easily share their creations both in the classroom and with their home learners without any technological compatibility worries.

Human rights, big data and technology: What you need to know, Sabrina Rau and Elena Abrusci

Technology has been playing an increasing role in our lives, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The session will explore some of the main challenges to human rights posed by big data, AI and technology. In particular, the session will focus on issues related to data sharing, consent online, misinformation and disinformation. The session will enable participants to be more conscious online, better understand pressing issues and be more knowledgeable of the resources available to mitigate risks to human rights online. This will empower attendees to share crucial knowledge with their students and colleagues on the potential but also risk of certain products and services.

Photography competition entries

Essex Children's University and Suffolk Children’s University learners have been busy completing learning challenges created by the Children’s University. We invited them to take part in the University of Essex Sustainability Photography Competition and here are their entries:  

Flora and Fauna March 2021 (.pdf)

Landscapes March 2021 (.pdf)

It’s so important to get outside and enjoy the outdoors! We’ve really enjoyed seeing the work created by both Essex and Suffolk Children's University learners. If you’re a member of either the Essex Children’s University or Suffolk Children's University and would like your work featured here, get in touch.


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