L2 Development in Classroom Learners of French

Principal Investigator
Professor Florence Myles and Professor Rosamond Mitchell

We investigate the teaching and learning of French in the classroom

A team of researchers led by Professor Florence Myles and Professor Rosamond Mitchell from the University of Southampton have investigated the development of French in classroom learners in England, through a series of funded projects.

Our long-term goal is to promote research relating to the acquisition of French as a foreign language by providing access to a growing database of French learner language oral corpora.

The database currently contains over 4,000 files (sound files, transcripts and morphosyntactically tagged transcripts). The research team has published widely on various aspects of development in L2 French, from lexis and morphosyntax to discourse, and in learners ranging from complete beginners to final-year undergraduates.

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Visit the database

Visit the French Learner Language Oral Corpora (FLLOC) website to learn more about the database and access over 4000 sound files, transcripts and morphosyntactically tagged transcripts.

Visit the FLLOC website

Key publications

French second language acquisition research: Setting the scene

This introductory article introduces the field of second language acquisition (SLA) to specialists in French linguistics who are not familiar with it.

Read the abstract or download the full text at ResearchGate.

The emergence of morpho-syntactic structure in French L2

In this chapter we examine the early stages in the emergence of morpho-syntactic structure in classroom learners of French.

View the full text or purchase the book from Multilingual Matters.

Interlanguage corpora and second language acquisition research

This article presents a selective review of the work carried out recently in second language acquisition (SLA) research which makes use of oral learner corpora and computer technologies.

Read the abstract or download the full article from the journal Second Language Research.

Lexical development in instructed L2 learners of French: Is there a relationship with morphosyntactic development?

This chapter investigates how complexity, accuracy and fluency interact in early L2 development when learners’ linguistic means are still underdeveloped.

Read the abstract or purchase the full text at John Benjamins Publishing Company.

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