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Dr ZhiMin Xiao
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My main research interests are Child Health, Women's Abuse (of men and their children in particular), the Injustice of Family Justice (in England and Wales), and the Violence of Domestic Violence Research and Discourse (under the feminist theoretical framework). I refuse to conduct research that is simply politically correct. Methodologically, I am interested in causal and descriptive inferences using experimental and observational datasets. Drawing on inspirations from medical anthropology, I am particularly interested in mixed methods research that sheds light on causal mechanisms. Outside teaching and research, I enjoy cooking and watching some of the finest chefs using the best dishes they prepare to tell their personal stories. I am hoping that the research I conduct can tell my personal stories too. To that end, I will use critical social research more and become increasingly interested in community-based, participatory, action research.


University of Essex

  • Senior Lecturer, University of Essex (2021 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Causal Inference

Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice

Data Science for Health and Education

Child Health

Digital Education

Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT)

Human Rights Abuse in the UK

Injustice and its Impact on Health

Institutional Child Abuse

Women's Abuse of Men and Children

Racism and Health

Mixed Methods Research


Journal articles (10)

Parker, K., Eddy, S., Nunns, M., Xiao, Z., Ford, T., Eldridge, S. and Ukoumunne, OC., (2022). Systematic review of the characteristics of school-based feasibility cluster randomised trials of interventions for improving the health of pupils in the UK. Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 8 (1), 132-

Parker, K., Nunns, M., Xiao, Z., Ford, T. and Ukoumunne, OC., (2021). Characteristics and practices of school-based cluster randomised controlled trials for improving health outcomes in pupils in the United Kingdom: a methodological systematic review. BMC Medical Research Methodology. 21 (1), 152-

Parker, K., Nunns, MP., Xiao, Z., Ford, T. and Ukoumunne, OC., (2021). Characteristics and practices of school-based cluster randomised controlled trials for improving health outcomes in pupils in the UK: a systematic review protocol. BMJ Open. 11 (2), e044143-e044143

Xiao, Z. and Higgins, S., (2021). Of Young People and Internet Cafés. Frontiers in Psychology. 12, 603992-

Xiao, Z., (2020). Mobile phones as life and thought companions. Research Papers in Education. 35 (5), 511-528

Xiao, Z., (2020). ‘You Are Too Out!’: A mixed methods study of the ways in which digital divides articulate status and power in China. Information Development. 36 (2), 257-270

Uwimpuhwe, G., Singh, A., Higgins, S., Coux, M., Xiao, Z., Shkedy, Z. and Kasim, A., (2020). Latent Class Evaluation in Educational Trials: What Percentage of Children Benefits from an Intervention?. Journal of Experimental Education. 90 (2), 404-418

Xiao, Z., Higgins, S. and Kasim, A., (2019). An Empirical Unraveling of Lord's Paradox. Journal of Experimental Education. 87 (1), 17-32

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Xiao, Z., Kasim, A. and Higgins, S., (2016). Same difference? Understanding variation in the estimation of effect sizes from educational trials. International Journal of Educational Research. 77, 1-14

Book chapters (1)

Xiao, Z. and Higgins, S., (2014). When English Meets Chinese in Tibetan Schools: Towards an Understanding of Multilingual Education in Tibet. In: Trilingualism in Education in China: Models and Challenges. Editors: Feng, A. and Adamson, B., . Springer Netherlands. 117- 140. 978-9401793513

Reports and Papers (4)

Xiao, Z., Hauser, OP., Kirkwood, C., Li, DZ., Jones, B. and Higgins, S., Uncovering Individualised Treatment Effect: Evidence from Educational Trials

Xiao, Z., Henley, W., Boyle, C., Gao, Y. and Dillon, J., The Face Mask and the Embodiment of Stigma

Hutton, C., Lukes, S., Xiao, Z., Abdulkader, MS., Choudhury, R., Gulaid, A., Sadia, S. and Zere, A., (2015). Trusting the Dice: Immigration Advice in Tower Hamlets

Higgins, S., Xiao, Z. and Katsipataki, M., (2012). The Impact of Digital Technology on Learning: A Summary for the Education Endowment Foundation

Other (1)

Uwimpuhwe, G., Singh, A., Higgins, S., Xiao, Z., De Troyer, E. and Kasim, A., (2021).eefAnalytics: Robust Analytical Methods for Evaluating Educational Interventions using Randomised Controlled Trials Designs,CRAN

Grants and funding


Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing across the Lifespan

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust



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