Camille Walker

Assistant Lecturer
School of Philosophy and Art History
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Philosophy
 Camille Walker



Camille is a third year PhD student in Philosophy and is supervised by Dr Matt Burch. Her research is fully funded by the Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England (AHRC). She is currently working on theories of forgetting within the philosophy of memory and cognitive sciences, alongside care-based theories of mind. Her doctoral thesis will offer a classical phenomenological account of the constitutive role of forgetting for self-experience. Camille is a member of the on-going Applied Phenomenology Reading Group.


  • BA Hons in Philosophy, University of Essex (2015)

  • MA in Philosophy, University of Essex (2018)

Research and professional activities


A Phenomenology of Forgetting

Supervisor: Dr Matt Burch

Research interests


Classical, & Applied Approaches

Analytic Philosophy of Memory

Theories of the Self and Subjectivity

esp. First- and Second-Person Perspectives; Intersubjectivity; Narrativity

Metaphysics of Personal Identity

Psychological and Neuroscientific Approaches to Memory/Forgetting

esp. Motivated Forgetting; Forms of forgetting associated with some types of dementia.

Aesthetics, & Irony.



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