Dr Femi Olan

Senior Lecturer
EBS - Strategy, Operations and Entrepreneurship (SOE)
Dr Femi Olan



Femi Olan is a Senior lecturer ® (Associate Professor) at the Strategy, Operations and Entrepreneurship (SOE) of the Essex Business School (EBS). My research interests are in the following areas: digital entrepreneurship, knowledge management, performance management, and information technology with key focus in (1) the societal implications of technology, (2) the contribution of artificial intelligence to entrepreneurial resilience, and (3) emerging issues in digital entrepreneurship. My research has been published in world-leading and internationally excellent journals in the information systems and management disciplines. These include Information Systems Frontiers (AJG3, IF 6.191), Journal of Business Research (AJG3, IF 7.550), International Journal of Production Research (AJG3, IF 8.568) and Technological Forecasting & Social Change (AJG3, IF 8.593) among others. I am currently an Editor for Cogent Business & Management Journal (AJG 1*, IF 2.000) and Guest Editor for the (1) Annals of Operations Research (AJG 3*, IF 4.854) special Issue on Fake News, Misinformation and Supply Chain Disruptions, (2) Sustainability (IF 3.251) Special Issue on Sustainable Agriculture-Food Supply Chains: Innovation, Technologies, and (3) Decisions and Information Systems Frontiers (AJG 3*, IF 6.191) Special Issue on Information Management in Times of Crisis. I am a coordinating board member of the Euro Working Group – Decision Support Systems (EWG-DSS), member of the organising committee for annual conference of EWG-DSS International Conference on Decision Support System Technology (ICDSST), and I have presented my research work at several international and UK conferences. I have undertaken high value projects funded by UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) and the European Commission. I supervise PhD students in the area of relevant to the Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy and also acted as an examiner for PhD students internally, externally and internationally.


  • PhD University of Plymouth,

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Business Creation and Growth (BE200)

  • Theories and Practice of Entrepreneurship (BE250)


Publications (1)

Arakpogun, E., El Sahn, Z., Prime, K., Gerli, P. and Olan, F., Africa’s Resilience in the Face of COVID-19 Pandemic: Let’s Talk about It!

Journal articles (19)

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Book chapters (2)

Arakpogun, EO., Elsahn, Z., Olan, F. and Elsahn, F., (2021). Artificial Intelligence in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities. In: The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Implementation of Artificial Intelligence for Growing Business Success. Springer International Publishing. 375- 388. 9783030627959

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