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Palitha Konara is Professor of International Business and Strategy at Essex Business School (EBS). His research interests are on Multinational Enterprises’ foreign entry, location choice, corporate political activities, subsidiary operations/performance and exit/divestment. His previous research has appeared in Journal of World Business, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Global Strategy Journal, British Journal of Management, International Business Review, Journal of International Management, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, International Marketing Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Management International Review, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Research in International Business and Finance, among others. He is a recipient of the best paper award (the 'Danny Van Den Bulcke Prize') in the European International Business Academy (EIBA) conference. He is a a Co-Investigator for the ESRC Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy (CITP). His recently funded work (as the Principal Investigator) also includes a project funded by the Welsh Government to research 'The Impact of foreign direct investment in Wales’; a Department for International Trade funded project investigating ‘Foreign Direct Disinvestment in the UK” and a Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office funded project investigating ‘British companies’ exposure to the Chinese economy'. After completing a B.Sc. Engineering Degree specialized in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Palitha began working in the private sector in Sri Lanka and gained a track record with hands on experience in finance, audit, marketing, and general management. He gained most of his commercial experience in insurance and telecommunication industries working in the largest insurance company in Sri Lanka and the second largest fixed-line telecom operator in Sri Lanka. He then moved to the UK and completed a Master of Research Degree in International Business from Lancaster University Management School in 2011. Thereafter, he joined the York Management School to read for a PhD. His doctoral thesis investigated determinants and impact of Foreign Direct Investment in the context of Sri Lanka. He received the York Management School Scholarship and served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the international Business and strategy group at York Management School. Palitha’s academic credentials also include an MRes in International Business, an MBA specialised in Banking and Finance, a B.Sc. Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and a Bachelor of Information Technology Degree. Moreover, he is professionally qualified in Management Accounting (CIMA, UK), Marketing (CIM, UK) and Insurance (CII, UK). He is also a Fellow Member of Insurance Institute of India and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


University of Essex

  • Director of Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management and Internationalisation (REIMI), University of Essex (1/9/2022 - present)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • International Business Management (BE216)

  • The International Business Environment (BE267)


Journal articles (26)

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Book chapters (1)

Konara, P. and Shirodkar, V., (2017). The direction of regulatory institutional distance and MNE’s subsidiary ownership strategy: Re-examining theory and evidence in the case of emerging markets. In: Progress in International Business Research. Emerald Publishing Limited. 135- 154

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