Istvan Gyimes

Senior Research Officer
Department of Psychology
 Istvan Gyimes



A biologist by heart, a cognitive neuropsychologist by degree, and a data scientist by passion. My interests are focused around improving our data analysis methods in both academic and commercial research. The majority of my research focused on analysing behaviour and brain activity, mostly in relationship with the idea of mortality. However, recently I have been involved with a wider area of research where I can enjoy my passion for data organising, handing and analysis.


  • PhD Neuropsychology University of Essex, (2022)

  • MSc Psychology University of Essex, (2017)

  • BSc Biology University of Szeged, (2016)


Journal articles (2)

Valentini, E., Halder, S., McInnerney, D., Cooke, J., Gyimes, IL. and Romei, V., (2022). Assessing the specificity of the relationship between brain alpha oscillations and tonic pain. NeuroImage. 255, 119143-119143

Valentini, E. and Gyimes, IL., (2018). Visual cues of threat elicit greater steady-state electroencephalographic responses than visual reminders of death. Biological Psychology. 139, 73-86



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