Dr Huiyan Fu

Senior Lecturer
EBS - Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management
Dr Huiyan Fu
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Trained as a social anthropologist, I have conducted considerable interdisciplinary and cross-national comparative research on precarious work and social inequalities. In particular, I am interested in how gender and other social stratification variables (such as regular/non-regular employment status, age, rural-urban provenance, ethnicity and race) combine to create distinct modes of discrimination in employment relations and working conditions. During my doctoral research, I embarked on yearlong ethnographic fieldwork inside Japanese business organisations, with the aim of exploring Japan’s agency-mediated dispatched workers’ everyday experiences. My doctoral thesis became my first book entitled An Emerging Non-Regular Labour Force in Japan: The Dignity of Dispatched Workers (Routledge 2011). Subsequently, I published an edited volume on Temporary Agency Work and Globalisation (Routledge 2015), which is interdisciplinary in approach and international in scope. My research outputs have also appeared in journals such as Human Relations, Gender & Society and British Journal of Industrial Relations. I am currently editing a new book on Temporary and Gig Economy Workers in China and Japan: The Culture of Unequal Work (Oxford University Press, forthcoming). I am interested in supervising PhD projects addressing the following broad topics: * Social anthropology of Japan, China * Precarious work and social stratification * Gender, sexuality and power in the workplace * Cross-national comparative and interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary work & employment issues


  • PhD (DPhil), MPhil, Social Anthropology, University of Oxford,

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • International Human Resource Management (BE479)

  • Student Success Tutorial (BE917)

  • Independent Study Project: Management/Marketing (BE938)


Journal articles (7)

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Books (2)

Fu, H., (2016). Temporary Agency Work and Globalisation Beyond Flexibility and Inequality. Routledge. 1317046269. 9781317046264

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Book chapters (4)

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EBS.3.16, Colchester Campus