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Dr Phillip Davey
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2002- Departmental Technician 1999 2002 Postdoctoral Researcher (University of Illinois) 1992 1999 Ph.D. (Part time) (University of Essex) 1992 1999 Research Assistant (University of Essex) 1991 1992 M.Sc. (University of Essex) 1988 1991 B.Sc. hons (University of Plymouth) AINSWORTH, E. A., DAVEY, P. A., BERNACCHI, C. J., DERMODY, O. C., HEATON, E. A., MOORE, D. J., MORGAN, P. B., NAIDU, S. L., RA, H. S. Y., ZHU, X. G., CURTIS, P. S. & LONG, S. P. 2002a. A meta-analysis of elevated CO2 effects on soybean (Glycine max) physiology, growth and yield. Global Change Biology, 8, 695-709. AINSWORTH, E. A., DAVEY, P. A., HYMUS, G. J., DRAKE, B. G. & LONG, S. P. 2002b. Long-term response of photosynthesis to elevated carbon dioxide in a Florida scrub-oak ecosystem. Ecological Applications, 12, 1267-1275. AINSWORTH, E. A., DAVEY, P. A., HYMUS, G. J., OSBORNE, C. P., ROGERS, A., BLUM, H., NOSBERGER, J. & LONG, S. P. 2003. 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3SW.6.23, Colchester Campus