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Dr Catherine Crawford
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I went into History because of the life-changing intellectual excitement I experienced in my first year of a liberal arts degree at the University of British Columbia. I found that historical understanding was the most satisfying kind. I loved that you can study almost anything as a historian. After my BA I came to the UK to do an interdisciplinary master's in 'History and Social Studies of Science' at Sussex, followed by a doctorate at Oxford on the history of forensic medicine. I taught at the University of Leeds and was a research fellow at the Wellcome Collection in London before coming to Essex. I am interested in how ideas about the world get created and legitimised. My research has been broadly concerned with the construction of medical authority in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I co-edited a collection of essays on Legal Medicine in History (1994), and have published articles on Enlightenment medicine, doctor-patient disputes, and the comparative history of forensic medicine in different legal cultures.

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Previous supervision

Elliott Royston Hicks
Elliott Royston Hicks
Thesis title: 'the London DrUG Culture, C. 1926-1966'
Degree subject: History
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 21/7/2015


Journal articles (1)

Crawford, C., (2000). Patients' rights and the law of contract in eighteenth-century England. Social History of Medicine. 13 (3)



Colchester Campus

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Mondays 2:30-3:30