Dr Matthew Barnfield

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Government
Dr Matthew Barnfield


Journal articles (5)

Barnfield, M., (2022). Misinformation in Experimental Political Science. Perspectives on Politics, 1-11

Barnfield, M. and Bale, T., (2022). ‘Leaving the red Tories’: Ideology, leaders, and why party members quit. Party Politics. 28 (1), 3-9

Zerback, T., Reinemann, C. and Barnfield, M., (2022). Total Recall? Examining the Accuracy of Poll Recall during an Election Campaign. Mass Communication and Society. 25 (5), 721-743

Stöckli, S., Spälti, AK., Phillips, J., Stoeckel, F., Barnfield, M., Thompson, J., Lyons, B., Mérola, V., Szewach, P. and Reifler, J., (2022). Which vaccine attributes foster vaccine uptake? A cross-country conjoint experiment. PLOS ONE. 17 (5), e0266003-e0266003

Barnfield, M., (2020). Think Twice before Jumping on the Bandwagon: Clarifying Concepts in Research on the Bandwagon Effect. Political Studies Review. 18 (4), 553-574



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