Eden Anin-Adjei

Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Government
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 Eden Anin-Adjei



I am a PhD candidate from the Department of Government at the University of Essex (UK). Before joining the department I obtained My research focuses on the electoral mobilisation of the British African diaspora. I study disaggregating BAME votes during General Elections, religious advertisement during elections, party strategy and African diaspora voting patterns and behaviour in home and host-states using primary qualitative and quantitative data. I am interested more broadly in African diaspora studies and the lived experience in host-states.


  • Master's degree in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy Goldsmiths, University of London (2018)

  • Bachelor degree in International Relations University of Lincoln (2017)

Research and professional activities


The Electoral Mobilisation of the British African Diaspora in the United Kingdom: Disaggregating Voter Motivations and Party Strategies

While there is some data on how Africans vote in the UK, there is insufficient disaggregation with regard to the diverse makeup of the British African diaspora. The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report indicates the disparities of each ethnic groups within the acronym which disguises the differences in the various demographics’ voting behaviour outcomes. Using quantitative and qualitative methods, I unpack the diversity of the Afro-Caribbean vote in UK politics and exploring how the

Supervisor: Dr Florian Kern , Professor Robert Johns , Dr Miranda Simon

Research interests

Postcolonial Theory

African diaspora

Voting patterns and behaviour

Religious political advertisement



Colchester Campus

Working pattern:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays