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Demand for data on the up

More government agencies, international organisations, development agencies, NGOs, media outlets and publishers are calling for increased data sharing and the provision of open data.

It's been said that Britain is facing “explosive demand” for data science skills and its education system needs to change to keep up, according to an analysis commissioned by the Royal Society. Demand for data scientists and data engineers tripled over recent years.

Having these types of skills of using raw and unstructured data to determine trends, patterns and correlations in ways that can help inform actions, will be key to employability.

Recognising this, we want to help our students improve their skills in data science and analytics to make them more attractive in the job market and to help them gain confidence to pursue further postgraduate study in this area.

When is the next available course?

We will be running another Data Science boot camp in September 2022. More information on how to apply and what areas the courses will cover will be published on this page closer to the start of the boot camp.

“We need students who have knowledge in a wide range of social science and humanities topics, but who can also work with data science and analytics to understand patterns and trends. There is a real disconnect between people who can communicate well and people that are good at data science. Our short courses aim to bridge that gap.”

Our vision

The boot camp is part of the University’s plan to create a Data Science and Global South Centre which will merge topics that are often neglected in data science. The hope is for the Centre to bring the humanities, social sciences and computer science closer together, offering collaborations, education and training. This will extend to include Essex’s educational partners in the Global South – in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

The University is home to the Institute for Analytics and Data Science – a centre for excellence that connects scholars, businesses, institutions and authorities to work on their data needs. The Essex data analytics community includes Professor Maria Fasli, Executive Dean for the Faculty of Science and Health, who is UNESCO Chair in Analytics and Data Science.

Essex is committed to putting people at the heart of data science and is part of the unique Essex Centre for Data Analytics partnership with Essex County Council and Essex Police – a programme designed to share data ethically and combine it with the experience of people and communities across Essex, to create powerful insight and inform policy decisions.

“Essex has a really diverse student body and has some of the best academics in data science in Europe. We would like to be known as the number one institution in Europe for data science training, particularly for non-computer scientists, and to reach students from around the world.”
Professor Natasha Lindstaedt Deputy Dean of Education for Social Sciences


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