YERUN: building links across Europe

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What is Yerun?

YERUN - Young European Research Universities Network – brings together 22 like-minded young universities from across Europe, with the aim to strengthen and develop cooperation in research, academic education and service which benefits society.

Since YERUN was launched in 2016, the network has established various initiatives, with a focus on education and research collaboration, PhD partnerships, open science, research mobility, EU policies, sustainability and graduate employability.

YERUN Research Mobility Awards

The annual YERUN Research Mobility Awards enable early career researchers from a YERUN institution to establish new research collaborations within the YERUN network, either in a physical or in a virtual format. The programme provides a platform to:

  • Work with other YERUN academics and researchers on a research project, publication, academic conference, or new research collaborative activity.
  • Promote multidisciplinary research across YERUN institutions.
  • Enrich the research and training opportunities for PhD students, early career and postdoctoral scholars within YERUN.
  • Foster synergies between YERUN’s work and priorities and the work of researchers from YERUN institutions.


Link EDU-RES is a project which focuses on the internationalisation of doctoral education and the establishment of collaborative and interactive frameworks. Its main objective is to lay groundwork for the creation of joint programmes at doctorate level in the YERUN network.

Essex and YERUN

The University of Essex is among the founding members of YERUN, and one of its most active members. Since Brexit, Essex has become even more engaged in YERUN and continues to build connections with partners across Europe. Currently, Essex is involved with these YERUN groups:

  • YERUN Policy Platform: this group drives YERUN’s policy advocacy activities. It is composed of strategic advisers from YERUN institutions and follows key developments in education, research and innovation, at EU and national level.
  • YERUN ad hoc group on Open Science: Essex is among the pioneers on Open Science within YERUN and this group aims to strengthen the common understanding and practice sharing on Open Science among YERUN members.
  • YERUN ad hoc group on Sustainable Development Goals: this group aims to allow a peer learning environment among YERUN members on how to integrate the SDGs into education and research activities. The YERUN publication Education for a more sustainable world features the Essex Summer School in Sustainable Practice.
  • YERUN ad hoc group on European Universities Alliances: this group follows developments relating to the European Universities Initiative – in which Essex is involved via the YUFE Alliance.
  • YERUN group of Research Support Offices: this group brings together colleagues from the Research Support Offices of YERUN institutions to create structures to facilitate research collaborations across the network.
  • YERUN group of Awards Officers: this group supports the YERUN Research Mobility Awards and the YERUN Open Science Awards, which support innovative practices to promote Open Science implemented by researchers and non-academic staff.

To find our more, including how you can get involved in YERUN groups and activities, email our YERUN coordinator and Deputy Dean Partnerships (Europe) Dr Nadine Rossol