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Building on our academic and practical expertise, we offer a range of CPD opportunities. These have been developed to support individuals and organisations in the health, social care and education sectors, in their work with both children and adults.

Many of our modules may be taken for continuing professional development purposes.

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Group Relations Conference

Our next conference, Beyond the Familiar: Courage and Creativity, will take place on 4 to 6 March 2022


Beyond the Familiar : Courage and Creativity is an experiential learning event designed to support reflection and insight, at a time of uncertainty and complexity.

 What’s our next step? What does the future hold? These are perhaps recurring questions that we ask ourselves, both as individuals,  and as a community- locally and globally. And once we have laid down our crystal balls, we remember that we are responsible for our own acts of becoming.

Against a backdrop of complex change ( the  pandemic,  climate change,  migration, “levelling up” and inequality)  how do we find the courage and creativity to  reach beyond the familiar.  And how do we create the connections , that reach across the borders and boundaries that we construct,  to collaborate effectively with others.  These are the themes of the conference.

A Group Relations Conference is an experiential event comprising of a series of large group, small group and inter-group formations. The staff team work to keep the boundaries of time and task. They also offer thoughts and questions to help learning. Learning may be related to discovering something about one’s impact on others, the impact of others on oneself, how groups form, focus, or unravel, and the associations this may have with personal, professional and societal context. We welcome people who have not previously attended this kind of event.

Conference arrangements

The conference runs from 5.00pm on Friday 4 March to 5.00pm on Sunday 6 March. The conference is full board with single room accommodation provided for all participants.


£750 external participants / an early bird discount of £700 is available until Monday 24 January 2022

£650 Essex participants / an early bird discount of £600 is available until Monday 24 January 2022

For further information please email

Working with children with additional needs and their families using the MAZE approach

MAZE is for you if you work with children and young people with Additional Needs (CAN) and, or, their families.

It provides insight into additional needs such as autism and understanding of the particular impact of such needs on children's experience of the world and their impact on those caring for them.