A woman wearing an EEG cap is looking directly at the camera, while a second person mostly out of shot on the right attaches a sensor to her face.

Understanding Our Place In The World

It’s an exciting time to be studying human behaviour! Across the globe, people are confronted daily with new technologies, unfamiliar cultures, and ongoing challenges that affect all facets of how we live. Studying psychology at Essex allows you to embark on a journey into the thoughts, feelings, and actions of those individuals.

Whether you join as an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, your journey will be guided by the University’s founding set of principles of breaking new ground, of challenging existing expectations and conventions, and – ultimately – of making a meaningful difference in the world. All while developing friendships and professional networks to set you up for life!

To achieve these goals, we organise our research and our teaching across three distinct areas of concentration: thinking about the world, interacting with the world, and experiencing the world. Using state-of-the-art facilities, and learning alongside world-renown experts in the field, you can pursue your intellectual passion at Essex, as we work together to help you ‘TIE’ it all together.

Our department is proud of the multicultural mosaic that makes up our community. Our staff and students come from over 40 countries around the world, bringing their own unique perspectives and experiences which enrich our teaching, learning, and research. Understanding Our Place In The World starts with us, and whether we're from near or far, We Are Essex.

Psychology at Essex: Your Place In The World.

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Why choose us?

91% of our psychology students are in employment or further study (Graduate Outcomes 2020)
University of the Year (Times Higher Education Awards 2018)
Exceptional research labs and facilities including our Centre for Brain Science
13th in the UK for our research (REF 2014)
Courses accredited by the British Psychological Society
An over-the-shoulder shot of a computer screen showing two figures, with someone to the left reaching across to point at one of the figures.
UoTY winners 2018
A woman with blonde hair wearing a blue EEG cap, with someone to the right attaching a small sensor to her cheek.
A computer screen showing a persons eye, with tracking information around it.
A student wearing a black EEG cap, resting her chin on a frame, with sensors attached to her face.
Professor Paul Hibbard, Head of Psychology
Psychology's ideas and concepts are part of our everyday culture, yet many underestimate how influential as a science our discipline can be. Our aim is to highlight how our research findings concern every one of us and how psychology affects us as groups as well as individuals. Join us and help to explore the puzzling and curious nature of the human mind! 
Professor Paul Hibbard Head of department
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