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Microeconomics Research Seminar Series

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Join us as expert scholars present research from the field of microeconomics

The Microeconomics Research Seminar Series showcases the latest thinking from the field of microeconomics.

The Microeconomics Seminar Series features talks on a wide array of topics including microeconomic theory, industrial organisation, social networks, political economy and behavioural / experimental economics.

These seminars will be presented via Zoom and will be held on Monday afternoons between 4pm and 5pm. This is an open seminar series and all levels of study and members of the public are welcome. In order to gain access to the Zoom meeting and reserve your place, please contact our seminar organisers.

Upcoming seminars

Date Seminar title and Speaker
 10 October 2022 Mechanisms without transfers for fully biased agents by Deniz Kattwinkel
 14 October 2022 DYNMECH seminar: Should the Timing of Inspections be Random? by Jan Knoepfle
 24 October 2022 Matching and Prices by Alex Teytelboym
 28 October 2022 DYNMECH seminar: A Quest for Knowledge by Johannes Schneider
 31 October 2022 Empirical Facts about Normative Values by Julian Jamison
 07 November 2022 Incentive Complexity, Bounded Rationality and Effort Provision by Johannes Abeler
 11 November 2022 DYNMECH seminar: Flexibility and Information by Mark Whitmeyer 
 14 November 2022 DYNMECH seminar: Optimal Insurance: Dual Utility, Random Losses and Adverse Selection by Mengxi Zhang
 18 November 2022 Political Social-learning: short term memory and cycles of polarisation by Gilat Levy
 21 November 2022 Strategic behaviour with tight, loose and polarised norms by Silvia Sonderegger
 28 November 2022 Incentives for collective innovation by Gregorio Curello 
 05 December 2022 Weighting Votes: Rule Complexity and Information Aggregation by Aniol Llorente-Sager 

Previous Seminars in the Microeconomics Series

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