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Empowering the data revolution

The world’s digital footprint is increasing daily*. More and more data is created, stored and shared globally, no longer just by organisations but also by individuals. 

Data is no longer just a commodity that supports some human activities but it is the driving force behind every business, organisational and social activity we perform.  It is widely used to influence public policy, to improve health care and well-being, to better understand the environment and the world we live in, but also to predict future outcomes in various sectors from personalised-services, to election results to health diagnosis and disease forecast.   

For over 50 years, the university of  Essex has been the intellectual home of the world’s leading experts in data science. The Institute for Analytics and Data Science (IADS) was created in July 2014 to bring together all the University’s expertise and work in analytics and data science. IADS  is a centre of excellence that utilises new forms of data science and advanced analytic techniques to tackle social challenges, engage with the public and private sectors and the wider non-academic community, to develop lasting solutions that transform the world for the benefit of individuals and communities.

*25 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day (that is 25,000,000,000,000,000,000)



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Our work spans the full spectrum of data science, from data storage and curation to applying our research to the real world. Download our brochure to read more.

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