Young Universities for the Future of Europe/YUFE

YUFE offers a new way of studying in Europe, escalating your international experience while boosting your knowledge and skills. A journey which allows you to choose your own learning path.

Are you interested in YUFE, but don’t quite know what to expect? No worries: we have organised multiple online Open Days on 21 March, 18 April and 9 May to explain the programme, your options and how to participate. We will discuss application requirements, types of offerings and all the possibilities awaiting you.

International bonus to your studies

9 European Universities offer academic courses, language courses and professional & civic engagement opportunities that you can explore on the YUFE Virtual Campus. You decide what courses, and where and when to take them. You can decide to study onsite abroad, focus on fulfilling the programme online or even blend those mobilities.

During the online Open Day on 21 March, 18 April or 9 May from 11:00-13:00CET (10am UK time) we will inform you about the upcoming YUFE Student Journey application period (3 April – 26 May 2023) and about the multiple opportunities YUFE has available to you.

Choose your own plan

‘3D treatment planning of the face and jaw’, ‘Ecotourism’ and ‘Intercultural Communication’ are just a few examples of academic courses you can pursue. Also, there are many language courses you can sign up for, such as Spanish, German and even Chinese! Explore YUFE possibilities on the Virtual Campus, and plan the best path to suit your needs.

Once enrolled, you have 4 semesters to pick up whatever courses you want. For example, you can decide on developing your language skills to start with and then focus on academic knowledge later on throughout your journey. Explore your fields of interest, meet people from different universities and maybe even go on a physical exchange to one of them. It is all up to you. And remember, whenever you would need some guidance, YUFE staff are there for you.

YUFE Open Days

This Spring’s application period lasts from 3 April-26 May 2023, and is open to students enrolled in one of the YUFE partner universities (NB: students need to be at the end of their 1st year of undergraduate studies). The Open Day helps you understand what you need to do to prepare your application. YUFE representatives are happy to help. You can read more about the programme and the application process and requirements on our website. Also, you can explore what’s on offer by browsing the catalogue on the YUFE Virtual Campus.

Please register online for the online Open Day: