National Student Survey banner

  1. It’s your chance to give your views
    The NSS is a national listening exercise – and all final year students across the UK are strongly encouraged to take part. It’s important for you, for future students, for universities, and for the broader higher education landscape of the UK. Give your views, and be part of something big.
  2. It helps us improve what we do for students
    At the University of Essex we believe in putting student success at the heart of everything we do. The NSS survey – plus the UKES for first and second year students and the Postgraduate Survey for taught postgraduates – gives us the opportunity to listen and respond, and to do things better. Great initiatives like free printing have come from listening to our students’ feedback.
  3. It’s completely independent and anonymous
    The NSS went live for final year students at Essex on 17 January 2022. It’s run by Ipsos Mori on behalf of Office for Students, and it’s anonymous, and all UK universities are asked to encourage their final year students to complete it. You’ll be invited by email to complete the survey. If you get stuck, ask your departmental office or
  4. It’s focused on final year students only
    So, as a final year student, this is your unique chance to reflect over the past few years and give your views on what was good, and what might be improved.
  5. Your response really matters! For your department...
    Each department uses your feedback and ideas to consider course offerings, and to put any necessary shorter or longer-term action plans in place.
  6. …to the university more broadly
    We also analyse results at the wider university level to see where other issues come to light, such as issues with the library or IT services.
  7. …and to future students coming to Essex
    The results from the NSS become publicly available to help new students choose where to study, at Discover Uni.
  8. You’re at the heart of this listening exercise
    Your feedback, plus continually working with the SU, helps us understand how we can use survey data to improve student satisfaction. For example, through holding more focus groups or by gathering in-module feedback.
  9. The questions cover a range of issues
    Survey questions are thought out carefully to provide us with a good picture of your academic life, plus your wider living and learning experience. They give us valuable insight into what’s working well for you, and what could be improved. We really do value your feedback: not only to improve the student experience now, but for future students, too.
  10. The sooner you take part, the better
    If you’re eligible to take part, Ipsos Mori will contact you by email, text, and telephone to encourage participation, so when you’ve done yours, you’ll receive no more reminders!

Thank you for taking part in the NSS and giving your views. Your feedback really matters.