Want to study in an international environment? If so, apply to join the YUFE Student Journey where you will get to study in and experience a multicultural environment.

The University of Essex is part of the YUFE Alliance which gives its students the chance to study simultaneously at ten European universities. Students can combine their studies with language and professional training courses or take part in civic engagement opportunities such as community volunteering.

Becoming part of the YUFE Student Journey allows students to pursue excellence in a personalised way. It is up to you to decide which and how many opportunities to use, but whatever you choose YUFE will certify and reward your engagement.

Application Details

The next YUFE Student Journey application round is now open until 20 October 2021. Since this year’s YUFE Student Journey is still in its pilot phase, we can only allow a maximum of 45 students from each YUFE university to apply to become a YUFE student. Applications can be uploaded through the YUFE Student Portal on the renewed YUFE Virtual Campus. When the application period is over, a selection committee will select the final 30 students per university based on their motivation.

All students studying at a YUFE university who are second year undergraduate or higher with an English level of B2 or higher can apply using the application form on the YUFE Student Portal of the YUFE Virtual Campus (don’t forget to create an account for the renewed Virtual Campus first). Candidates will have to upload their details, motivation letter and sign a co-creation agreement.

When writing your motivation letter the following questions must be answered in a maximum of 150 words:

  1. What makes participation in YUFE important to you personally and what will you bring to YUFE?
  2. In which way do you think that the YUFE programme will alter your study experience? Provide some specific examples of changes that you expect to happen.
  3. What are your plans after graduating from your university and how can YUFE be instrumental in letting these plans come to fruition?

If you are interested in applying, don’t delay as each partner university can only process 45 applications, 30 of which will be accepted.

With YUFE, you not only have the opportunity to engage with the expertise of one or two universities, but of ten leading, research-driven institutions. Take this opportunity to bring Europe closer to home and study at ten young research-intensive universities all over Europe. Enrich your curriculum with the best academic courses, language and professional training courses, and take part in engaging civic engagement opportunities.

Interested? Check out the whole YUFE Student Journey offer on the YUFE website:
Essex undergraduates need to have a minimum year mark of 50 in the first year of their course to be able to apply.