My name is Georgina Di-Stefano and I am currently in Level 6 studying for my BA Hotel Management (which is a two-year degree), due to finish in 2021. 

My interest started for Edge Hotel School whilst I was at college, feeling that Level 3 Professional Cookery was the end of my journey before I went into industry full time.  Then someone came in to discuss Higher Education and where I could potentially take my career further, and this is when Edge Hotel School was first mentioned to me. I looked into it and decided to take a leap into a new adventure.

I chose to study at Edge Hotel School mainly because of Wivenhoe House – not only was it local but also one of a kind. As someone who has struggled academically in the past, having a course that is very practical was important to me. Wivenhoe House gives you real-life work experience alongside your degree which is great for future employers, as you learn every role and gain two years of practical experience at the same time. As I’m doing the two-year course I will also be finishing a lot sooner meaning I can go into industry earlier and use the skills I’ve learned from Wivenhoe House in a hotel elsewhere. 

I feel Wivenhoe House has really helped to develop me as a person, as everyday is different and you gain all-round skills in every department as you go up the different Levels. I also feel my confidence has grown massively by working in different departments and seeing things from the perspective of a manager. 

I’m enjoying my course because spending many days in the hotel, you are learning something new and being faced with all sorts of challenges. This has really helped me to learn new skills, including on-the-spot thinking, and coming up with creative solutions to create the best experience for our guests. The skills gained from doing this degree are so transferable to different industries that if you decide to take a different path you can take advantage of the skills already learnt from Edge Hotel School.

Our lecturers teach us things that sometimes we might miss in the hotel, including external factors that  you would not necessary have thought about. This course has also been brilliant for making new industry connections, from guest lectures and masterclasses to the annual Alumni Networking event.  Edge Hotel School has been very consistent in helping its students making as many connections as possible with industry figures to help with our future careers.

Coming from a chef’s background and not really knowing where to go next, being in the hotel has helped me have a clearer vision of what I want to do after I’ve graduated, and find a department I really love. As my journey with Edge Hotel School is coming to an end, I’m intending to follow my path into food and beverage management.